Macmillan Cancer Support Warns Cancer Treatment in Wales Is a "Crisis"

Macmillan Cancer Support Warns Cancer Treatment in Wales Is a "Crisis"

Mr Richard Pugh, Head of Partnerships for Macmillan Cancer Support, has told BBC Politics Wales, “This is a trend that has happened over years and years. We have gotten into the stage where we call it a crisis … Sadly, I’m not shocked."

Macmillan has said that patients are waiting longer than they should which in turn, is having a tremendous impact on their financial and psychological well-being. Patients are receiving a diagnosis but are waiting for the treatment to start. Whilst waiting, many are having to take time off work due to physical and/or psychological symptoms and the wait to just a “growing anxiety”, as said by Mr Pugh.

Macmillan say that patients are asking them why they are waiting. Of course, that is not an answer for Macmillan to provide but rather, the Welsh government.

The Welsh Government say they are investing heavily in cancer services and making access to cancer treatment a priority.

We of course do not wish to dive into politics but this is not a topic to be taken lightly as it is not only the patients being effected, but their families too. Many patients have dependants, be it children or even persons they care for.

A collaborative approach between the government, health boards and charities is needed to improve matters and this is an approach we try and adopt with our clients in terms of attempting to liaise openly with help boards and, put our clients in touch with charities who may be able to provide support.

Posted by Rachael
Director & Solicitor

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