Pre-Death Agreements

Pre-Death Agreements

An individual can sometimes make informal agreements with friends and family about what will happen to their estate, finances and personal belongings before they die. Ourwills and probate department may be able to help you secure assets that you’ve been promised, if they aren’t noted in their will.

A valid will is supposed to reflect, as accurately and in depth as possible, how the deceased wanted their estate to be divided when they pass away. If the individual made agreements that aren’t represented, this can raise questions about the validity of their will and cause disputes between prospective beneficiaries.

There are a few main ways you may be able to claim against someone’s estate to secure assets that you were promised by the individual…

    Proprietary Estoppe (if you have already suffered a financial loss because you expected to receive certain assets)

    Inheritance Act (if you were financially dependent on the deceased and they failed to sufficiently provide for you in their will)

    Professional Negligence (if the pre-death agreement was missing from the deceased’s will due to mistakes made by their will writer or lawyer)

Our specialist team at Hennah Haywood Law will advise what type of claim is best for you. We will support and represent you throughout the process – whether we agree a solution through mediation or whether we take the claim to court.

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We understand how sensitive these types of matters are, our knowledgeable team are dedicated to ensuring the process is made as easy as possible for you and your family

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