Failure to Prevent Suicide Claims

Failure to Prevent Suicide Claims

It is upsetting when a family member commits suicide under any circumstances, but it is harder to take for those who are left behind when the suicide could have been prevented. If you have been affected due to the quality of care falling below the acceptable standard, we may be able to assist you in making a claim and offer support during the inquest process.

Healthcare providers have a duty of care to prevent those will mental illness from taking their own lives. There are a number of failings that can lead to preventable suicide:

    Incorrect diagnosis of mental health illnesses

    Failure to identify and react to suicide risk factors, signs of distress or requests for help

    Failure to make appropriate referrals or supervision arrangements for an at-risk individual

    Allowing a patient access to dangerous materials, objects or drugs

    Incorrectly discharging patients from hospital

    Failure to ensure appropriate treatment or medication

    Failure to prepare adequate care plans or safeguarding after treatment

    Failure to communicate with the patient’s family

    Shortages of beds in inpatient settings

These failings can occur at any time throughout the lifetime of the mental health patient’s care. Our team will investigate the quality of care provided to your loved one throughout to see how the suicide was allowed to take place. We have experience in preventable suicide and attempted suicide (parasuicide) to be able to deal with your claim sensitively and swiftly.

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