Surgery Compensation Claims

Surgery Compensation Claims

Undergoing an operation is already a daunting event but, we are comforted in the knowledge that this should be the start of the road to recovery. Most often, that is the case but sometimes, patients come out of surgery and in the days, weeks or months following, suspect something is not right and even regret having surgery.

An operation is an invasive procedure. It is imperative that patients receive the standard of care and treatment they deserve.

A person may be entitled to compensation if:

    They were not made aware of the risks of the operation;

    If the operation performed was the incorrect type of treatment;

    If steps are undertaken during the operation that the patient had not provided proper consent for;

    The procedure was carried out with inadequate skill;

    If the proper after care was not provided;

    If failings of the operation are not adequately identified and treated by the treating medical professionals or,

    If something goes wrong during the operation.

This list in not exhaustive. We know our bodies best and if we suspect something is not right, we need to investigate that and ensure answers are obtained.

Not only do we make it our mission to achieve much needed answers but, we seek to recover the compensation deserved as a result of losses caused by the negligence and, if required, arranged much needed treatment to try and better our client’s quality of life and long term prognosis.

The sooner you seek legal advice, the better. If you think you may be the victim of medical negligence, please call our specialist team and obtain advice as soon as possible.

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