Erbs Palsy Claims (Shoulder Dystocia)

Erbs Palsy Claims

Erbs palsy is a medical condition most typically caused during childbirth which happens due to the injury of certain nerves and brachial plexus, usually by traumatic downward force on the upper arm, head, neck or shoulders. The injury causes muscle weakness and paralysis in one arm. Many children recover, but not all will and some will live with the damage for the rest of their lives.

If medical staff use excessive force to attempt to deliver a new-born, this can cause Erbs Palsy leaving them liable for a compensation claim. Usually this can happen due to not estimating a baby’s weight and size prior to delivery, failure to perform a c-section where there have been indicators to do so, failure to follow protocols for shoulder dystocia (certain manoeuvres should be performed by a doctor if a new-born is stuck in the birth canal), failure to recognise and treat diabetes in the mother – which can cause large babies and applying unnecessary and excessive traction and force during the delivery resulting in an injury.

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