Court of Protection

Court of Protection

When providing care for family members and loved ones, it is critical that their best interests are always taken into consideration. Families and loved ones may find themselves in a situation where they no longer have the mental capacity to make vital decisions about their financial well-being. In this situation, our Court of Protection solicitors can provide assistance.

The Court of Protection is the judicial body in charge of making judgments relating to the management of money and other affairs of those who lack the mental capacity to do so for themselves. It is located in the United Kingdom and has jurisdiction over the whole of the United Kingdom.


We have a Court of Protection team that specialises in all aspects of the law. If any of the following applies, we are well-suited to assist you:

    You are responsible for managing someone else’s affairs

    There is a dispute or uncertainty about someone’s ability to make decisions for him/herself

    There is a dispute about what social care, residence or medical treatment is in a person’s best interests
    You are concerned about the ability of someone else to manage your affairs

    You are concerned about the ability of someone to manage another person’s affairs

You are concerned about your own ability to manage your affairs

Planning for later life

Our many years of experience assisting people in dealing with the affairs of loved ones who have lost mental capacity has taught us the value of planning for the future. A little forethought now about who you want to make choices for you if you become incapacitated might not only provide you peace of mind that your needs and wants will be met later on, but it can also make the process easier on your family and friends.

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