Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Cosmetic Surgery is incredibly popular, it aims to both improve function and give an enhanced or ‘normal’ appearance to someone’s body that has either been damaged or that they are personally unhappy with. As with any surgery, things can go wrong.

If you’ve recently had cosmetic surgery and the procedure went wrong, we understand that you could be suffering both mentally and physically. Our lawyers are here for you if errors have caused you to experience undesirable results after cosmetic treatments.

Hennah Haywood Law could help you make a compensation claim if:

    You didn’t receive enough or the correct information about the risks of your surgery

    Your treatment wasn’t performed to the expected standard

    A defective product was used within the surgery

    You didn’t get the correct aftercare

Common cosmetic surgery claims include but are not limited to:

    Breast Surgery Claims (Enlargement or reductions)

    Tummy Tuck Claims

    Facelift Claims

    Eyelid Surgery Claims

    Brow Lifts Claims

    BBL Claims (Brazilian Bum Lift)

    Nose Reshaping / Rhinoplasty Claims

    Laser Skin Resurfacing Claims

    Liposuction Claims

The consequences of cosmetic surgery negligence can be absolutely devastating, especially when spending lots of money for a desired outcome. By making a cosmetic surgery compensation claim, we can help you get funds to pay for corrective treatment and fund any therapy you might need. Please get in touch today to discuss this confidentially and directly with a member of the team at Hennah Haywood Law.

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