A Year On The Line: The Human Cost Of NHS Delays

A Year On The Line: The Human Cost Of NHS Delays

Health Minster, Maria Caulfield admits that NHS waiting times are “higher than we want them to be" on Sky News.

Our clinical negligence team at Hennah Haywood Law remain extremely busy and, from reviewing recent published statistics, this is not surprising. Health Minister, Maria Caulfield, states that, in England, waiting lists for an average procedure or test are averaging at 18 weeks but, accepts that some waiting lists across the board are more than a year. Ms Caulfield says that waiting lists in Wales are even worse.

These waiting lists are below the target waiting lists set for the NHS. It is not disputed that, during this waiting time, patients may be unnecessarily suffering or, their conditions may be worsening.

Waiting lists have been significant for a long period of time and we cannot become content with this. Our clinical negligence team see the often life changing consequences these incredible waiting times have on families.

It is becoming a somewhat desperate situation across England and Wales and, statistics show that members of the public, across all tax brackets, would be “happy” to pay more tax if that was going to the NHS. This being recorded to a living crisis, we think, shows the desperate situation we are in with regards to the country’s health service.

We pay our National Insurance, we have built our NHS over a significant period of time, and it should not be accept that patients should unnecessarily suffer.

If you are concerned that you have unnecessarily suffered, we urge you to seek legal advice today. 

Posted by Rachael
Director & Solicitor

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